Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Jordan Ware - My fav violinist

I first met Jordan after a WordSpit show and I was very impressed. After becoming cool Jordan started tweeting me some of his cover songs he done and each one of them I love.. Here are a few them I love. Want to follow him? Follow him at @HeisJordanWare :-) 

"Look At Me Now" Rich Lowe, Live Wire, Wordspit

This is a new track from Rich Lowe, Live Wire, and WordSpit that I very much enjoy and I think you guys would as well. Once I got this song in my email I was very excited because I actually enjoy each one of the guys on this track as an artist individually. This isn't the officially video for the song (which will be out soon) but it is something nice to stare at as you listen to the song.  

"All Of Dave's Lights"

If anyone knows me they know how much I love my friends, all my friends are talented and they all inspire me in some way. Coming back from my blogging hiatus I have a treat for you guys. As I'm sure most you guys can agree the Kanye West "All of the lights" video was borderline depressing. To have such a great album I would have figured the videos would meet the level of creativity Kanye displayed on the album. Of course I learned assuming does nothing for me (thanks Kanye). Well one day after a amazing Wordspit performance in Long Island my friend David decided he wants to rap "All of the lights" and my buddy Potential decided to film it. As I shorten up this story a little bit. It went from one day of random recording of singing Kanye music to a few days of making a actual video. I can say I love this video more than Kanye's. Much love to everybody in the video.. you guys just proved that my statement "My Friends Are Cooler Than Yours" is true.. ENJOY EVERYONE!!!! 

F.Y.I. - Video directed by David J. Hamilton and Potential 
                Filmed and Edited by Potential 

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