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Laure Luxe: More Than Metal

I am honored to say I got to interview one of the coolest and most creative brands in the fashion industry right now. Laure Luxe won me over a year ago with her stylist earrings and ever since then she has been able to top her designs one by one. I was also lucky enough to go to her fashion show last fashion week (thanks to Ms.LadyBlogga for the hookup lol) and I was in awe the whole time. of course I will say right now my fav pieces are the 2 men pieces which are a bowtie and a regular tie (of course they really arent your typical ties) I really hope you guys enjoy this interview as much as I enjoyed doing it. Also check out her site and her pieces and buy some>> Laure Luxe

1. When everyday, 9-5 working people hear fashion the last thing they are thinking is wearable metal pieces. What inspired you to go such a different route with fashion?
I studied traditional apparel design at Pratt Institute. I really had a love for accessories. So instead of switching my major I decided to make wearable metal accessories. 

2. The LaureLuxe brand is apart of the "Go Green Gang", when I say that I mean you're being Eco-Friendly and designing with recycled aluminum.  What made you decide to help save the world one earring at a time?One of my classes on college was "Wearable Art". One of the assignments was to make a garment that costs nothing. So my dad sent me scraps of metal from his lighting company. I fell in love with rawness and shapes of the reusable material and built from there.
3. I remember when LaureLuxe had earrings, bracelets and a few body pieces. It has grown to be such a huge success right in front of a lot of people eyes. Outside of talent and your creativity what else has contributed to your success?
I believe my product speaks for itself (anyone who has a product should stand by it wholeheartedly). I always showcase it in a professional way, whether its through social networking or a fashion show. Also, the support of my team and my fashionistas plays a huge part!  

4. You went to school for fashion and take it very seriously, how do you feel about the up and coming brands who decided to do fashion with no knowledge really of it besides how to screen print? Is there any advice you would like to give them?
GO TO SCHOOL! You learn the different aspects of fashion basically so you can have the knowledge to tell other people what to do!(lol) This is also where you can really find where your niche is in fashion. Also get work experience and intern. You learn what to do, and what NOT to do in this industry.  

5. The Laure Luxe pieces are created and inspired by Brooklyn and the urban art scene. Name me your top 3 favorite pieces and why.
Well, my earrings are named after Brooklyn Streets. So I will go with my Top Earrings. My favorite is the Brooklyn Super Swag Earrings because they are the chains that connect ear to ear so you have an earring and necklace in one. Next, is the South Portland Earring of cascading metal "hooks". These are awesome because they almost look like weapons--- Edgy and bad-ass. Next would be my Taaffe earrings because they were the first LaureLuxe Earrings I made--- where it all started. 

6. Who was the first celebrity to wear one of your pieces? How did you feel seeing them wear it?
My first celebrity was Mila Jovovich in Harpers Bazaar. To have such a beautiful dope actress wear it and in such an amazing iconic fashion magazine was a crazy humbling experience. I felt so honored to have made it that far so fast.  

7. You are a New York native and said earlier this is your source of inspiration.  I could imagine how your pieces would look if you were inspired by the world. Have you considered traveling for more inspiration?
Of course. But I need to take over New York first. (lol) 

8. Twitter has made it a lot easier from developing brands to promote and get our attention. Are there any brands that have crossed your timeline that has caught your eye? Why?
Not really. I try to not pay attention to other peoples brands. I like to stay in my own world as to not lose focus. 

9. The LaureLuxe brand is more than fashion  but others are not aware. Please tell everyone else what the Laurel Luxe brand does at PNC Radio.
I am the host of my radio show "The Luxe Hour" Fridays from noon-1. The show covers different topics on fashion, beauty, and art. I have a different guest every week that I interview to give the listeners and insiders view on the industry. Its pretty dope :) 

10. Well, this is the end of this interview (enter sad face).
:( that it is over. but :) because it was a good interview!!

If there were any questions I did not ask you or anyone who interviewed you before  didn't ask you but you REALLY wish it was, What would the question be and what would be your answer?
no I think u did a great job! thank u 


Unknown said...

Just about every piece in the Laura Luxe collection has me flabbergasted ! its brands like these that make me more serious about going back to Fashion Art Major ! great Interview Jade

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