Saturday, December 25, 2010

Survivin' The Times - G Swagg

Here is a new video from my dude G Swagg.... I have the honor to say I attended his last mixtape release party for The Groundwork Vol.2 and own the mixtape and from that point he has gotten my respect. G Swagg will be releasing a new project soon and this is just a TASTE of whats coming. Randomly bumping into him at events and having convos I learned that he is real cool focused guy with a calm demeanor about him which he actually displays in the video. So no there is no crazy acting skills being displayed, this is a story about a young (grown) man working towards his's about him. #RespectIt and Enjoy. 

Untitled from joey Snaxx on Vimeo.

Friday, December 24, 2010

The Model: Viva La Pinky

I have heard about Miss Viva La Pinky for a while now and seen her name all over my timeline lol. It was clear she has a lot of fans/supporters that believe in her. I first seen her work in RSNY Mag where they did a post on her and I was impressed. I have seen the "look over the shoulder and show your ass" pose for a while now so it was very refreshing to see some actual modeling of clothing, products and just a photo with a story. I really do hope you guys get to see the woman behind the photos, behind the flyers of all the events she host and behind the infamous hairstyle she is also easily recognized for. 

1. Your name is Francelesia Millen but everyone knows you as Pinky or VivaLaPinky from Twitter. Can you teach everyone how to pronounce your name and tell them a little about yourself?
My name is pronounced FRAN-CE-LES-LE-AHH ! I'm a personality model. I'm not just a typical model . I have a face , a name , a ego and an alter ego. Most of my work is based in Japan but I am a local celebrity in the states ! haha 

2. When a lot of people think modeling now they see body figures with numbers like 34-22-2,739 (LOL). How do you feel about what people consider modeling now?
Modeling has come a long way. When models were paper thin it was in but that was quite some time ago. Naturally of course we want the skinny model as opposed to the more full figured model but I think the modeling world is more accepting of body meat. I've seen some booty on most of these high fashion models! lol

3. Acting is a major part of modeling, especially when it comes to photoshoots with a storyline. What would be your dream photoshoot? Is there any type of character you would like to portray as you model the accessories or clothing?
my dream photoshoot would be me transformed into an animal ! id prefer to be a leopard or tiger shot in various parts of the world. there are so many ideas running through my head about that shoot that i cant put it down right now. but yea .. that's the main idea.

4. From the shoots I have seen you in, you seem to connect with a lot of Japanese clothing. Have you ever considered going to Japan and modeling out there?
My ultimate goal is to live in Japan and have them use me as their muse. everything about their culture and their art makes me fall in love with them more and more everyday. I'm currently working on a project that may just be my ticket !my fingers are crossed 

5. None of us simple folks know what goes on behind the curtains of a runway show. How do you feel as everyone is prepping you to walk in front of so many people? How do you mentally prepare yourself for a show?

its always complete chaos behind the curtains of a fashionshow.  after doing so many shows Ive learned the key to keeping yourself sane is engaging yourself in your own thoughts. it doesn't have to be adventurous thoughts or extremely eventful daydreams. just normal everyday thoughts. usually I'm thinking about the food I'm going to eat after i walk that runway ! i get lost in memories of this insane party i went to the other night or something crazy my bestfriend did at a high class event we were at ! Just always keep something on my mind that makes me laugh.

6. When it comes to fashion sometimes all it takes is one small moment to inspire us to want to be apart of that whole industry. What was your moment that inspired you to model?
That one moment that inspired me to model was when I looked in the mirror one day and finally admitted to myself that i was art ... my features were art ...and not ugly. Like I had been called for so many of my younger years. I decided I wanted to share this art with the world while" playing dress up " in front of a cameraman who wouldn't judge me and placed in print for the world to ooo and aahhh over.

7. Outside of a face, slim and tall figure what do you think is most needed to become a successful model
Want to be a successful model? Model from within, become what you model. Love the skin you are in and show that to the world. People will feel you, they will grasp the message you are trying to get across. 

8. Models are stereotyped to be unintelligent, materialistic, egotistical females. When people meet you what are their first reactions?
Give me the top 3 words from people who have met you would say you are.

When people first see me their initial reaction is to stare then when they finally meet me and get a piece of who I am they always say " omg I didn't know you were this cool I always thought u were stuck up ! you are so down to earth!" three words humble , fun , intelligent.

9. A lot of the already established models are begun to branch out in other feilds such as media, acting and even starting non-profit organizations to help others. As time pass is there anything else you consider doing?
I'm going into fashion marketing and management. I'll be dealing with international affairs in relation to fashion. I've already started on my side projects, not waiting until I blow! They are kept under wraps for now though just stay involved with me. 
10. Still being so young and knowing there is still so much you can do, what are some of the goals you set before you turn 25?
Before I turn 25 i will have lived the life of 79 year old woman .

11. A lot of people now pursuing careers have a lot more support from their friends than family these days.  Can you say the same? How do your friends and family support you with your career choices.
My parents support whats right. They want me to go about my career in a more stabilized , professional and beneficial  way. Can you blame them for not always agreeing with a lot of choices ? I  sure can't. my friends are there a lot more because I'm always with them. we have a common ground that we share and that's why the impression is given off that they support me more than my parents. I honestly feel as if its all support, just on different levels and derived from different elements. Either way the support is appreciated and I love everyone who stands behind me.

Any last words for the readers who haven't heard about you until today?

Last words for my readers "smile"

Interview With Nikera Clothing

I have been really digging the up and coming clothing lines coming out and wanted to make sure this blog touches all basis with everything that is up and coming. So today I am posting a interview I did with Florida's own clothing line Nikera Clothing. Much love to their graphic designer Jessica 

1. Nikera clothing fuses music and fashion together. Using artists as the models for the shoots, What made you decide to use musicians?
 We decided to use Musicians becasue we needed a really cool way to stand out from all of the other clothing brands out today. It's not enough to come up with dope photo shoot concepts, we needed something heavier than that. We chose to rock with Indie Musicians specifically beacause they are overlooked in the industry. Indie music is what keeps the music industry's heart beating. These Artists often times have a bigger following than signed musicians. Nikera Clothing decided to tap into that particular market that everyone was ignoring, and we found a way to help Artists receive more exposure and also better market our brand. 

2. What would you say seperates your designs from other designers? 
This season we are working with L.A. Graphic Designer and Photographer, Jessica Latumeten. We are changing the design concepts of the tees in 2011 buy using real life photography as our graphics instead of computer generated images. Most of the women and men you will see in Spring 2011 Look Book are friends, fans, and associates of Jessica and Nikera Clothing. 

3. Can you describe the ideal customer who would be your clothing? Who are the type of people you make clothing for? 
Street Trendsetters, Musicians, young and rebellious socialites, edgy models, popular college kids. 

4. I'm aware that in the south a lot of the older people loved sewing their own clothing, were you raised in that enviornment? What made you decide to get into fashion? 
I wasnt raised around sematresses, only extremely stylish individuals. My parents were very fashionable. I grew up watching my parents spend tons of money on clothing and accessories just to ensure that they would stand out in a crowd. I was a very shy child, so I chose to draw and sketch fashion rather than wear it. As I got older, I was frustrated with what I could not find in stores and boutiques. I would have a specific look I wanted but came up short when I tried to find it in retail stores, so I chose to release my own clothing. 

5. Every artist has a muse, some sort of inspiration that brings their work to life. What do you use as inspiration for your pieces? 
Color. I like putting different color patterns together. Colors that would normally be kept separate. I get alot of inspiration from vintage eras like the 40s, 50s, 60s, and 80s. 

6. New York being known as the capital of fashion and because there are so many opportunities here, do you think it's harder to kick off your career in a different state? Why or Why not? 
I dont think it's harder. Everyone wants it at low cost and little or no sacrafice. If you love it and you are determined, you can make it anywhere. I dont think that any state or region is "easier" than the next. Fashion is worldwide. We all need it. One particular city and demographic may require more research and marketing, but overall it is in the hands of the designer. How far are they willing to go to succeed? 

7. Because Nikera Clothing uses music artists as models give me your top 4 mainstream artists you would love to model your clothing of given the opportunity. 
If given the opportunity, I would definitely choose Kanye, Keri Hilson, Justin Bieber, and Mr. Hudson. 

8. A lot of clothing lines now have gotten very abstract with their pieces, almost couture like. How do you feel about couture clothing and eyewear becoming wearable on a everyday basis?
I am a huge couture fan; however, it is best kept on the runways, special projects, videos, movies, plays, etc. Some Designers are born for couture, and we need both sides in the industry to survive. Couture has always been kept in a special place within the industry, it has always been very exclusive. I am not sure how I feel about seeing couture on the streets nowadays. 

9. Men's clothing seems to be a little bit more difficult to design because of the limits men have to what they wear. Have you ever come to a crossroad felt the same? How do you work around that? 
HA! Yes, all of the time. It's not a factor of design, it is the the limitations on creativity. A designer is very limited with men's clothing. Mens clothing is very cut and dry with pants, shirts, jackets, and shoes. There are color limitations as well. The chances of an everyday American male rocking a lime green suit and tie are very small; however, if you add that same color concept to a party dress, you can possibly land a contract with Macy's. Women clothing is just simply less of a headache with unlimited creative freedom for some designers including myself. 

10. To all my readers who want or are working in the fashion industry can you please give them one quote you live by that pushes you to consistently work hard and believe in yourself. 

“If you wait to do everything until you're sure it's right, you'll probably never do much of anything.” -- Win Borden. 

"Be The First" Kayla Bliss

This is a new track from Kayla Bliss off her new project "Audio Angel" coming out next year. Of course there is swagg oozing out of this song, she even does a mini rapping verse on here that I learned very quick lol. Kayla is one of the FEW singers I support. Her grind is undeniably and it shows through her music. This is the youtube video  of the song. Even though it isnt a official video you get to stare at her face the whole time. ^_^ ENJOY!!! 

Here is one of my fav tracks from Kayla called "Bass In Ya Car" from her last mixtape


Here is a event from my friend Mr.Deadstock Ric himself..It's going to be a great night dedicated to a brand working hard towards its goals, live music, paintings, give aways and a open bar (I bet you're interested now huh? lol) I hope everyone can make it out and help raise some money to help a brand that has been helping you with all your retail needs. 

Here's a little bit more info from the brand itself::
Good day to all my fellow brands. Today we are announcing our next event to be held in Brooklyn NYC. Our brand (Deadstock Kicks) has been the spotlight for the place to get your hands on vintage sneakers on social networks for the past 4 years. Within those years, we have thrown some amazing events in the NYC area. We have used CLUB TOUCH as our main venue for sneaker events, where people of all
ages have come out to support us as well the brands that were involved. We were also the 1stto ever have a sneaker event on a boat. We have done a lot to separate ourselves from other brands to make US one of a kind.
With that all being said, we have come to the conclusion that its time for us to own our own store. It’s been a great ride with social media. We have gained so many followers that a number cannot even put on it. We have some of the greatest and loyal customers to date. Some of them don’t even buy their sneakers from anyone else but us.

On January 8th, 2011 we will be throwing our 1st ever loft fundraiser. We rented out a space for people to come and party with us. Of course, with a little twist involved. It will be a free event to all, but we do ask those in attendance to make a donation. We will have table set ups where brands can sell and showcase their product. For entertainment, live music through out the whole affair from up and coming recording artist as well. For our 21 and over crowd, we have POOL VODKA supplying an open bar for the entire event. And, that’s just a little sum up of what will be taking place.

Friday, December 17, 2010

"Start It Up" -- RSNY

My dudes went off on this track!! Soon as I heard it I downloaded it. Sometimes in life you just need those cocky moments where you know you done great in life and warn people that they don't want no problems lol. My homie HStyler did the video as well as other RSNY videos which all are great. This time he definitely wanted to show off and use some other effects. I love every minute of this song and video. Shout out to HBK, Rockstar Remix, Yung Juggz, Drugzzy B and HStyler.... Love Ya'll 

"Shout out to my homie homies, and my phony homies, and my only when you see me then you know me homies" < My fav line 

Aloe Blacc "I Need A Dollar"

I first heard of Aloe Blacc at the Okayplayer/Roots Holiday Jam 2 days ago and I found his voice to be so amazing. I didn't know his name until my friend Tony continuously kept singing his song in my ear lol. After googling the gentleman's name I realized who he was. Aloe's voice is so refreshing even though it does remind me of "the old days" lol. Well this is one video I found from the artists. I hope you guys enjoy it. ;-)

"Rewind This Love" - Melodi J

Check out this song from a new artist named Melodi J. She's a singer I heard about through L.A. (which is a rapper I posted on here a while ago) The song is very pop like but you still can tell she has a lot of talent and a voice that can blow some artists out the box. Well, no small talk. Listen and enjoy. 

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Fool's Gold x LTD Holiday Party

We’re jingling baby! Fool’s Gold and LTD are teaming up once again to spread holiday cheer with our NYC friends and fam. Come get festive at the FG x LTD Holiday Party - a non-stop night of merriment and DJ sets from beat heroes Mannie Fresh and Just Blaze along with FG’s own Brothers Macklovitch (A-Trak and Dave1) and Sammy Bananas. It’s all going down at Tammany Hall in NYC on Friday, December 17th. 21+, RSVP IS A MUST.
Full info after the jump. Get psyched by checking out pics and DJ sets from the last time we were celebrating.
Fool’s Gold & LTD Holiday Party
DJ sets by
Mannie Fresh
Just Blaze
The Brothers Macklovitch (A-Trak & Dave1)
Sammy Bananas
Friday, Dec 17th

Tammany Hall
152 Orchard St, NYC
10pm - 4am / 21+

The Super Cool Show

chilllll... do ya'll see this? Awww man, I'm uber excited about this show just because I heard some good things about some of the artists performing at this and I will be seeing artists I never got to see before. OBVIOUSLY  i'm also hyped cause my boy WordSpit the ILLEST will be performing. He is such a great performer!! Performances also by Stalley, Moruf, Brokn.Englsh, St. Joe Louis & Daniel Joseph and Music by Melo-X & Ezrakh. If I dont see ya'll here im straight ignoring ya'll for a month!! Shoutout to all the people who were geniuses to have put this together. 

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

B.A.M. "The Exchange"

I got to know Tony Polo after he started creating the "We Got Bars" movement and I respected it and it's whole purpose. After a while of following him on twitter and discussions I came to learn that he is in a group called B.A.M. with the homie Colv Reese.  B.A.M.'s vibes are a little different and incorporates some jazz into their beats which I think is pretty dope. I was lucky enough to hear a few tracks from them already before the project comes out and I can say i'm pretty excited for them. Anywho this is the trailer video for the project. What they are exchanging? IDK but the video is smooth lol. Check it out *Will.I.Am voice* OH!!! and look out for their project "Made Men" in January. 

Downtown Mayhem Presents "The Exchange" from Tony Polo on Vimeo.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Young Flame "Intuition"

As I said.. I have A LOT of catching up to do with posts and this one I have been dyinggggg to post. This is from a artist named Young Flame, my homegirl Samantha (who actually can sing her ass off) told me about him just a little while ago. Well this video/song really caught my attention because of the message. At the end of the day.. WRAP IT UP PEOPLE!! and go get tested. P.S. we need more songs like this. As I always say "If you have a voice and people are willing to listen, use it for the better" So with that said, thank you Young Flame for using ur voice ^-^. Shout out to my boo face Jaison (Bourne) Williams for directing this video. This the 2nd one I'm posting from him. He's young and super passionate about this. Im very proud of him. 

Scienze loves W.O.M.A.N.

Scienze is back with a DOPE new project (yes, it is dope trust me ^_^) called "Hall Pass" and he came with a track to turn every W.O.M.A.N. on but still came so smooth that it doesnt come off vulgar. This is some poetry for the bedroom with background music lol. From saying things like "hunger for the knowledge, her book is open, so im eatin, between the sheets and savoring every word her lips are speakin." to just watching beautiful women do things like read and do laundry there is no way you can't love this track or Scienze (or the ladies lol). Along with this video I am also posting the "Hall Pass" preview video. After you check this out please go show my friend Scienze some love on his site
 Scienze Is Dope



Cocoa Sarai Covers "Grenade"

First of all... everyone welcome me back to the blogging world!! *applause*. lol. Now that i'm back I have some MAJOR catching up to do and i'ma start off with my homegirl, the ohhh so talented, creative, one of he most realest people I come to know.... COCOA SARAI. I first met Cocoa at WordSpit's "Rise Of The Illest" video release party and from there I went on to fall in love with her project "1/2 past 7" which is BANANAS. (shoutout to Rick Hertz who did most of the production). Today i'm presenting to you her cover of one of my favorite songs "Grenade" from Bruno Mars. This song alone has sooo much passion and you can feel how much he really loved this woman. Cocoa delivers the same amount of passion, her voice just does this track so much justice. ENJOY!! P.S. FOLLOW HER HERE >> Cocoa CHECK OUT HER SITE!! >> "Everybody Loves Cocoa"

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

All Or Nothing..Photo Recap

The All Or Nothing showcase turned out to be a success (yayyy). The fact that the crowd came to hear the performers and actually enjoyed them is what I call a successful show. When people come up to you asking who was the artist that was just on stage you KNOW the showcase served its purpose. I would like to sincerely thank EVERYONE for coming out and supporting the performers. Special Thank You to Barrel House BKLYN for sharing the artists they support with me. I won't write much about this night.. I'll let the pics tell the story!!

Who Is Kraff Swagger?

 Recently I decided to show love to all those who deserve it and recognize the talent outside of music performers. Today I decided to recognize DJ Kraff Swagger. I first heard of Kraff exactly around this time last year through my friend WordSpit and actually got to know him personally as time passed. Having to always bump into Kraff as he dj'd many events I began to notice how hard he works and how much people just love him as a human being.  I just always wanted to hear their story on success an hard work so who brain to pick better than my own friend? lol :-p. I hope with this interview you learn something more about Kraff and get a little bit more inside a DJ's mind. P.S. I will be adding my own smart remarks in red... it's all love though lol. 

Allowing the readers to know a little bit more about you,  please
state how old you are, name, and where did you grow up.
* Age: Unknown :-p (oh brother lol)
* My name Dj Kraff Swagger (better known as just Kraff) (clearly people he's new to interviews and stating his government name lol)
* I was born an raised in Flatbush, Brooklyn.

1. So yes I do have to start off this interview with the most obvious

question of them all.. What inspired you to start dj'ing?

* Well, I've always been interested in learning how to dj. Music has been a major part of my life for as long as I can remember but I didn't know anyone that dj'ed that was willing to teach me. I ended up meeting Dj Dreadnaught and he taught me how to mix songs together. That started it all.

2. As a Dj you don't get as much recognition right off back as a

performing artist does. As the Dj behind the artists,  How do you make
sure you stand out during performances?

* When I dj behind an artist, I like to shine simply by having a seamless show. If I'm doing a mix in the middle of the show, I want the audience to be like "Wow, that was smooth!". If I'm scratching on a song, I want everything to sound clean and on point. I just make sure that everything that I do is perfect. With my past experiences, I've realized that people take notice.

3. You are apart of the Scratch Academy family. A lot of people may not know what you do there or what Scratch Academy is exactly. Can you explain it please?

* Sure! Well Scratch Academy is a school started by Jam Master Jay where people learn to dj. A lot of people don't think it really exists lol. I'm a teacher's assistant there. Basically, what I do is help the students learn the basic techniques necessary to become a good dj.

4. With our generation there doesn't seem to be much support, teaching and believing in others going around. Everyone feels like everybody is their competition. How do you view other Djs? Do you see yourself as a person willing to teach others that want the same career as you?

* I view other djs as teachers...even the bad ones lol. When I go to an event, I ALWAYS listen to the dj. If the dj is dope, I wouldn't hate, it just inspires me to do better. They actually make me want to go home and practice lol. Now if a dj is wack, I'm not going to front, I'd hate a little bit and think "Damn I should be spinning right now". But at the same time, they might play a song that I wouldn't play normally or do something dope (even if its by mistake), and I'd still be inspired by it.

5. Have you hosted any mixtapes for anyone? If not do you plan on

hosting in the future? Any artists you would like to work with?

* I haven't hosted any mixtapes yet. I did mix 6th Sense's "It's A 6th Sense Beat Yo Vol.1" though. I'll be doing a lot of work with a few artists on the rise within the upcoming months though so stay tuned for that. I have some surprises coming up!

6. I believe the music a dj's has in their laptop defines the type of

Dj he/she is and determines the events they get booked for.  If I
stole your laptop for the day and skimmed through your music what do you think my assumption of you would be?

* Lol if you went through my laptop, I think you'd be surprised to see what music I have. I have A LOT of music and I like a lot of different genres too. I think you say that I'd be prepared for a lot of different situations. I'm pretty sure you'd see a bunch on songs u haven't heard in a while too.

7. Has Kraff ever thought about being something else besides a Dj? Do

you plan on going into other fields?

* Actually yes. Its funny because I started creating music by rapping. Hard to believe huh? Lol as I said before, music has always been an important part of my life. Naturally, I'd want to start creating my own. I starting writing rhymes with my boy Swiph. Not to toot my own horn, but I got pretty good at it (toot toot -_- ). Later on, I kinda grew out of that and started making beats. That's where my passion is...I realized that I'm more drawn in to the music than I am the lyrics. I've been making beats since 2003 and I love it. So to make a long story short, my other dream is to be a producer. You'll be hearing some of my work really soon by the way.

8. One topic I always debate about with my fellow musicians is dating.

How do view dating in the industry that you are in?

* Hmmm, dating, especially in this industry can be really messy for two reasons: Being that its an entertainment based industry, a lot of your personal business would be out in the open. So arguments, fights, & breakups would be publicized for the world to scrutinize. The second reason is that everyone in this industry is connected in some way, shape, or form and people talk. Rumors spread and that could potentially cause problems in a relationship. On the same token, I wouldn't say not to pursue a relationship because you never know where you may find love. Just know that its not going to be easy.

9. For anyone who does not know where they can hear you or catch you at a event can you give them the information to the next few gigs you
have and what radio station you are on?

* As of right now, I have a few events coming up but they are all private. If you'd like to hear me spin, check me on Monday-Thursday from 8-10pm. Also, follow me on twitter because sometimes I do a ustream show with my crew The Trifecta (Me, Dj Max Carnage, & Dj Rampage). I always post the link when the show is about to go down. (His twitter is @Kraff )

10. Lasssttt question. To all the people who woke up today and decided to become a Dj. Any inspiring words for them?

* Practice. If you don't practice, you won't get anywhere. A lot of the techniques in djing are simple. The hard part is sticking with them and mastering them. Practice has much as you can

Well there you have it people.. I hope everyone enjoyed the interview and learned a little more about "Kraff" lol. 

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