Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Young Flame "Intuition"

As I said.. I have A LOT of catching up to do with posts and this one I have been dyinggggg to post. This is from a artist named Young Flame, my homegirl Samantha (who actually can sing her ass off) told me about him just a little while ago. Well this video/song really caught my attention because of the message. At the end of the day.. WRAP IT UP PEOPLE!! and go get tested. P.S. we need more songs like this. As I always say "If you have a voice and people are willing to listen, use it for the better" So with that said, thank you Young Flame for using ur voice ^-^. Shout out to my boo face Jaison (Bourne) Williams for directing this video. This the 2nd one I'm posting from him. He's young and super passionate about this. Im very proud of him. 


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