Saturday, October 30, 2010

Eric Sosa x Oxymorrons "Interesting Encounter"

Ohhh how much I enjoy the vibe I get from this song. I never got the chance to hear any music from Oxymorrons but so far this collaboration right here has me intrigued. So far I have given this song about 5 extra plays on youtube ( Thank Me Later lol). The back and forth thing they got going on ... it helps me envision a music video and even the fun it was to record this track. Special shout out to Mr. 5:05 (still don't know what that means lol) aka Eric Sosa who is on this track and to Danielle for tweeting it to me Yayyyy. Take a listen, get them viewing numbers up and then get on twitter to let Eric know what you think. @ericsosa

A Day In L.A...

So L.A. is a new female rap artist who has been getting noticed a lot lately.  1st time I heard her was on "We Got Bars" Volume 1 and I was honestly impressed. After that I heard from her again on the homie Scienze project called "The Phone Tap(e) .. (go get that if you don't have it). The solo track she did on there is actually the song for the video you are about to watch called "From L.A." which was filmed by a young gentleman who goes by Slick Jackson (Shout outs to him.. been seeing his name on a few projects also)  I'm honestly not going to give you a rundown on the video because than there is no reason to watch it right? Righhttttt. So I'm shutting up now #Peace and enjoy. 

A Day in... L.A. from slick jackson on Vimeo.

NIcki Minaj x Eminem "Roman's Revenge"

Who's Roman? I dont know but what I do know is that this track went hard!!! Honestly I been having it on repeat since the 1st play.. Am I od'n? maybe but fuck it. I think Nicki bodied it without a second thought. Em did his usual crazy "kill you" flow but he def held his own on this. It's quite obvious she threw some verbal jabs at a few rap females and I highly doubt anyone will respond. If they do respond it'll probably be trash lol. Anywho here it is..

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

All Or Nothing..

             So BEYOND THE BASEMENT  has another event coming and this one along with the other's I have done truly represent what B.T.B. is all about. My main goal with B.T.B. is to bring everyone together, artists, fans, blogs, mags, models, designers and etc and all work towards success in a friendly way. Some of you may think i'm bugging out and i'm being unrealistic but at the end of the day attacking and pulling down one person is easier than attacking a army. I named this showcase All Or Nothing simply because if you are going to say you are a supporter of music it should mean ALL of it. Whether if it's that hardcore 80's-90's hip-hop, jazz, country, r&b, rock or whatever you should be a full supporter or don't claim to be one at all. If i'm going to showcase music i'm going to showcase all of it. Of course I couldn't find no country singers or jazz players but I did collaborate with Barrel House BKLYN on this and combined some of the artists we respect to perform for you all. 

I would like to state that B.T.B. is personally against creating shows only to put my friends on or to solely benefit myself. I am open and willing to showcase ANYONE who's heart is strongly in this and has the talent plus the vision to match their drive. I completely understand how hard it is for a artist to get booked for anything when they are not in some type of team or clique that does events. No one wants to perform at open mics their whole life. What artists are aiming for is respect and recognition and to be booked for a show with a audience who came with a open mind. I can say luckily with the last 2 events I put together all my artists left with new fans, supporters and even a few future collabs under their belt. This is exactly what I aim to bring you all, not just a showcase but a place to leave saying you gained more than what you came in their venue with. Again thank you to all of you who support B.T.B. and I hope you can all come out and witness what B.T.B. and Barrel House BKLYN put together just for you. 
If you would like me to hear your music and select you for a future show please email me all music in MP3 format in a PROFESSIONAL manner at

I ended up getting to flyers for this lol. Special thank you to Von Brown and my guys over at Barrel House BKLYN (check out their site)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Chris Faust x Cocoa Sarai "Cuffing Season"

I'm actually typing up this post as I hear this song for the 1st time only because I know its going to be a dope track and I want to write my reaction as soon as I get it. This song is called "Cuffing Season" and we allll know its getting chilly and no one wants to sleep in their bed alone. This song is so smooth thanks to Ms. Cocoa Sarai's voice and Mr. Chris Faust def did his thing on this one. This is my song for the winter thanks guys ^_^ 

Chris Faust Cuffing Season f. Cocoa Sarai by beyondthebasement

*** If it is not playing above please check out my soundcloud page to hear it** my apologies


God (and Potential) knows how much I love Donnis (groupie post) lol but I also love me some Tokyo. So I was pretty hyped to see both the things I love in one video. This is a new song off of Donnis latest LP called "Fashionably Late" and the track is called "Tonight". For all my grinders out there who are actually starting to see the rewards for all their hard work.... this is for you ;-)

Donnis - Tonight (Directed by BBGUN) from bbgun on Vimeo.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Estelle x Swizz Beatz "Dj Play The Beat"

Here's a dope track from Swizz Beatz featuring the lovely Estelle. Soon as the song comes on you already know you can see yourself playing this as you're getting ready for your night out. We all know Swizz is great for making songs for the clubs but dont be alarmed Estelle's smooth voice fitted right in with this. Well enough ass kissing here's the track.... ENJOY!!!

DJ PLAY THE BEAT clean reprint by beyondthebasement

Sunday, October 24, 2010


Check out the music showcase from my ladies over at Lipstick and Labels. The event is called EXPOSED and consists of some of my favorite artists. If you don't know of these artists this would be the best time to come out and get to see them perform live at Public Assembly. 

Army Of One.. the mini story behind Beyond The Basement

Beyond The Basement was a idea I had to basically work with everything underground. I personally believe when working together you tend to get a lot more done and reach success a lot faster rather than try to take each other down to reach the top. Beyond The Basement is a brand being built around music, art and anything I personally appreciate. My first event I did was a collab with my good friend from Kidz R' Evil with performances, live artwork, and a few clothing lines representing themselves. It was such a huge success I decided to take doing events seriously. When you truly love something you should put your all into it and that's what BTB ended up being...what I love. A brand is basically a reflection of who you are and I try my best to let who I am show 24/7 no matter what anyone says or who is watching me. Anywho BTB is organized and ran by just little ol' me ^_^ but I am very open to combining ideas and working with others. I do have a showcase coming up Novemeber 2nd at Bowery Poetry Club with some amazing artists, I have a few listening parties lined up and another showcase all before this year ends. Well, I dont want this to be a huge bio because BTB just started and there is going to be soooo much more to this story before 2011 is here. Thank You to everyone who supported me since day one and never asked any questions but just rode out with me. Special thanks to all the artists who believe in me sometimes more than I believe in myself and I never had to ask twice to be apart of any crazy ideas I have. I truly am grateful and love all of you. Thank You. Here's some pics from my last 2 events with all my lovely supporters.. 


I have to start this off by saying I'm proud of my friends, all of them. I haven't been in this whole "scene" thing for long but I have noticed growth in myself and everyone I have crossed paths with. I'm also blessed to say 98% of the people I have worked with or just met at a show or through others have become people I can call friends. This post is about my guys called RSNY which stands for Rockstar Society N.Y. (duh on the NY part) lol. I 1st heard of these guys at my homie WordSpit's "Rise Of The Illest" video release party then I officially met them when they performed at my 1st event ever in life "The A.M.C. Convention" and they came like 80 deep and killed it. From that point on we all continuously crossed paths and I actually got to learn more about them and all that they do. So far since I known them they have dropped about 3 mixtapes this year and all of which I have ^_^. Anyway I was watching their latest webisode from their show "Welcome to The Society" (on youtube) and this one really made me smile something serious. I'm so proud of these guys and the people they surround themselves with who clearly leading them in the right direction.  So I'm going to share my friends with you guys and let you get a glimpse of what I'm so proud of. Also the 2nd video is a episode basically about the making of one of my fav mixtapes this year from my homie Yung Juggz. Special shoutout to Styler who films and edits the episodes. Also mad love to  Drugzzzy B, HBK, Remix, Roc Eazy, Juggz and all 50 of yall lol...


Saturday, October 23, 2010

Livewire Album Release Party

I met Livewire at one of  the lovely Cocoa Sarai's performances and even though I was very aware of him as a artist this was my first time seeing him perform. Dude just came out so energetic and ready to kill it (hence the name Livewire). Well Livewire will be having his album release party tomorrow and it's going to be amazing. I hope everyone who doesn't have plans tomorrow stop through and show some love. The party is free and a open bar from 7pm to 8:30pm with a after party at another location. Here's his site to listen to some music and the flier for the party. Oh you MUST RSVP!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Nina Sky " You Ain't Got It"

Again... I'm up early in the a.m. staring at the computer screen just browsing and I found this song from Nina Sky. I have to say I love their new style and where they are going with it. I love when artists pass the introduction stage to their career being signed and finally get to show us who they are. The song is definitely something I would play on my own freewill and recommend to others. The video is o.k. but hey what can ya do with a skimpy budget but make it work? At 1st (Idk which one is which) but the one signing looks so stiff and confused but it gets better once they take the camera out the studio and film them outside. I don't wanna give it all away so look at it yourself!

By Any Means: B.A.M Music $$ : Gone Take a Picture

1st and foremost I would like to say I wanted to blog about this song before I even had a blogspot lol. I got this song sent to me maybe 2 months ago and at 1st it wasn't my fav but as I played it over and over I started enjoying it. My mind is never closed to different types of music so I didn't mind hearing something I wouldn't normally put on my ipod. Honestly when your running around the underground scene and attending different shows you might end up getting stuck with the mind frame of what hip-hop or what rap in general is suppose to sound like. This song is by this rap group called B.A.M. and although I personally think the lyrical content could be stronger I still enjoy the song for what it is. Just to mention B.A.M. will be performing at my music showcase on Nov. 2nd so if you like this song you should def come through. (flier will be up soon). Enjoy!! Oh yea... mini shoutout to Tony Polo and his blog from which I stole this from lol.

By Any Means: B.A.M Music $$ : Gone Take a Picture: "Gone Take a Picture by
Gone Take a Picture by ByAnyMeansmokerMusic

Who's That Chick?

Ok so it's about 1:16a.m. and I'm bored out my mind.. what does any other loser do? Yup, check out World Star Hip Hop lol. I been hearing about this Rihanna video for like a day and even though I don't like her as much as I used to I can't deny I enjoy her style. Anywho this is the video for her "Who's That Chick" track off her new album. Between this song and the "Only Girl In The World" track I see she's going for a lighter happier vibe. Kind of reminds me of her 16/17 year old "S.O.S." singing days. Of course she just wasn't going to drop her demonic looking ways so quickly lol. This video has a split screen showing the child like colorful party vibes and than you have her "post chris brown" side of the video all dark and creepy (even when she smiling). So let me stop typing and allow ya'll to watch this. PEACE.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Finally!!! More Than T-Shirts!!!!

1st and foremost I just want to laugh at the title of this post lol. If anyone knows me, they know how tired I am of these graphic designers printing out t-shirts and calling themselves a fashion designer. Now if you want to say I'm taking shots than so be it but as someone who truly loves fashion I find it to be offensive. Using t-shirts to be the start-up of your line is cool but these t-shirt designers need to take a seat and let this phase die down. ANYWAY.. some of my rapper buddies put me on to RockSmith Tokyo and as usual I ignored it like I do everything else. One day my lazy butt decided to stop being stubborn and check out their things and this is what I found. 

Yes it is true ladies and dudes I found more than t-shirts, and honestly I got extra excited to actually see some pieces I wouldn't mind seeing my guys in. So thank you RST for brightening up my day... you are the illest!


I love sneakers, especially high top ones, but no I am not some sneaker collector or anything.  I go to some of these blogs and see a lot of high priced clothing that neither the reader nor the writer of the blog can afford. I live in a realistic world where no fronting is allowed and we rather get what we want instead of fantasizing over it. In these times being 100% original is almost impossible because all of our ideas are being inspired from somewhere else. Heyday Footwear does remind me a little of Supras or anything high top but I do love what they did to the sneakers and made it their own. Here's some pics and if you would like to see more or maybe order some click these blue letters that spell out nothing jksefdvpuhf


Romeing Panda

Everyone is either creating or wearing accessories these days and right now its a lot of Good Wood or buttons from their favorite artists. Here is one I haven't seen no one wear... well not in person. It's called Romeing Panda which are pieces that look like Gummy Bears placed on necklaces, 2 or 3 finger rings, earrings and bracelets. I find it to be very cute, and so does Diggy Simmons and Katy Perry amongst others. Here's a few pieces and if you will like to purchase you a few pieces click here 


Monday, October 18, 2010


I first heard of RichP around last year summer when he dropped his mixtape " The Inauguration" and I was happy I downloaded it and took a listen. Besides the fact that he's actually a cool dude and I'm cool with some of his people too, I actually support him. I haven't been able to see him perform live yet but I heard he kills it!! Hopefully soon he will perform at one of my shows (hint hint lol) So in this video he gives you some of 2 songs he has recorded. (Everyone thank Rich for giving ya'll the 2 for 1 deal with this one ) and the beats bang hard!! Shout out to my dude Gamble and Flo Montana for the cameos, and peep the pixel Assman Pin... cute ^_^Enjoy Ladies and Gentlemen.

Cheeki Pow Pow

I'm trying to keep my posts short and sweet but I know so many cool, talented people. It's hard not to want to write a 500 word essay on my friends (not counting "I", "and", and "but") lol. Well this time I'm trying to hold back with my home girl Cheeki. Her voice is very different and the lyrics shows you she put some thought into them. Today the song you will be listening to is called "Hurt U Good". It's a very dope track that got my attention 1st so I just had to post it. Again I been feeling myself and decided to do another video to go with a artists songs. Hope you enjoy it ^_^


Something Refreshing... (^_^)

So I recently I requested everyone to send me some music from people I never heard before and I'm so happy I have some dope followers who listened to me. I don't have much information about this young lady but her name is Shanita Jackson and her band doing their song called "Sky".  This takes me a little back to the India Arie, Jill Scott, Vivian Greene, Floetry, Sunshine Anderson, Blu Cantrell (well you get the message) era of music lol. Well I hope your musical minds are open to enjoy this. 

** Oh yea.. this song didn't come with a video so I created one. Don't worry I won't ever try to take up a career in film editing and stuff lol. 

Monday, October 11, 2010

ERARE Clothing NYC

Remember in school the teachers told you it can cost up to millions of dollars to get your commercial on television? Yea? Well lately a lot of people in the underground scene have taken it upon themselves to use that powerful form of promotion and combine it with this addicting thing we call the internet. For example, what I'm presenting to you today is a commercial for the rising clothing line called "Erare"(By my buddy @King_Abs ). Well technically it's Rare Era and of course if you're not slow you can see the word Era inside of Rare and you can see why it's written like that. Confusing? A little bit lol. Anyway the video is basically a compilation of shots with people (Also called "The Faculty") rocking the Erare clothing. Background music by STiLL iLL by Justhink of iLLAmericaRcrds and the whole commercial shot by @MookieX 

Today -Tripz (Directed By Jaison Williams

NEW VIDEO:: Tripz "Today" Directed by my buddy Jaison Williams

Have You Heard This?:: The Astronomical Kid's Power Remix

I went to The Soundcheck Anniversary Show where this young teen was performing at and from moment he started rapping I was shocked. Honestly when he got on that stage I was waiting for another cute kid to have me say "awww" funny part is I ended up saying "wow" instead. This young man's energy was great and the crowd responded very well to him. In this video he's doing a remix to Kanye West's "Power" track, so far this kid has my respect on being a artist. I'm just waiting on a Astronomical Kid and Willow Smith Track. (Yeah I said it lol)

Joonie "Love You More" Live on TSM Radio

Late last week I received a email from Hit Club Entertainment giving me a invite to check out one of their artists. I'm truly blessed to say all emails regarding music have been good ones and this one is one of them. This gentleman's name is Joonie and he has that voice and talent I been yearning for lately. I previewed a few of his videos and I seen him touch a keyboard and a guitar and if you know me you know I'm big on instruments especially when I get to see them played live. There were so many video's I could have posted but I want everyone to view him at his best..... singing live. There is no special mic, this isn't him just mouthing words in a music video, this is him doing his thing and sounding good doing it. Sooo let me stop talking and allow you all to check it out for yourself. Oh and special shout out to @MissMeilani for sending this to me.  
Calvin “JOONIE” Gary, Jr. is an American singer, songwriter, arranger and musician, specializing in Soul, R&B and Popular Music. He has written for and collaborated with Ruben Studdard, Elliot Yamin, Nappy Roots, Angie Stone and Mos Def (unreleased). Currently his music is featured in the BET movie "I Do, I Did" as well as websites like,,,,,, and . JOONIE's debut album, “Acoustic Love”, was released April 27, 2010 via Hitclub Entertainment and is “real music”. The project is currently the best selling title at London's #1 independent soul music distribution company.

My Song, The Way I Sing It

Ok so my vision for  this blog is to bring you things beyond the basic ( haha b.t.b. see it?) music and fashion posts, and luckily my friend Dave emailed me this press release for a off broadway play that has truly has me intrigued in going to see. So without saying too much check out the release and book your tickets A.S.A.P.!! 

A Limited Engagement 

 The Return of the Off-Broadway production,  My Song, The Way I Sing It  Often likened to Ntosake Shange's "For Colored Girls Who've Considered Suicide When The Rainbow Is Enuf", MY SONG, THE WAY I SING IT explores the journey through girlhood,marriage, and the contrasting ways that feminism and society have affected the way women see the world and themselves. This play sheds light on the fact that the images that women are constantly bombarded with are that of the male perspective. From television to movies and music, women are hard pressed to find a voice that truly speaks to who they are and the obstacles they face.
MY SONG, THE WAY I SING IT is their response!

Who: Writer/Director KarynRose Bruyning is bringing back her much talked about ensemble cast of 6 women in MY SONG,THE WAY I SING IT. This play is starring Natalie Buzzeo (of Off-Broadway's HER TRAIN OF THOUGHT and 6 CHARACTER'S IN SEARCH OF AUTHOR), Martha Prosper (of GREEN EGGS AND A SILLY CAT and La Tea's own MACBETH) Zoey Wiesenborn, Patricia Mugerza  and new-comers Andrea Sarango and Gigi Gray.

Where: La Tea Theatre located in the Clemente Soto Velez Center 107 Suffolk St. NYC

When: October 15, 2010- @ 8pm, October 16, 2010 @ 2pm & 8pm, October 17, at 6:30pm
NOTE: There will be a Q & A session with the writer/director immediately following the 2pm show on Oct. 16th

Tickets: For more information please email us at For tickets please visit Tickets are also available at the door for $25. Get your tickets now! Seating is limited!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Summer of Love - Eric Sosa

Yes, yes it is Autumn but love survives all seasons and so does this song and video. Eric Sosa has become one of my fav rap artists over the year and I along with other smart people went to see him perform live before. It's crazy to see someone so chill and quiet and when they get on stage its like watching a huge transformation and that's exactly what Eric does.So with that said check out the "Summer Of Love" video (^_^) P.S. I'm working on a "Autumn of Love" song for this lol j/p.

L.I.E. - "Go Girl" Official Music Video

So the lovely ladies of Lipstick and Labels do Public Relations for these guys and have spoken about them a lot. Well their name is L.I.E. which is the acronym for Lost In Eternity. Lately I have lost all hope for male r&b since it isn't that many of them mainstream or underground(and that are actually talented). With G.Martin and L.I.E. I'm slowly regaining my faith. L.I.E. hasbeen interviewed on Power 105.1 fm and their latest video "Go Girl" has received over 38,000 views in 2 weeks. Sooo yea... they are dope. Here's the video...

Thursday, October 7, 2010


If anyone knows me, I like putting me and the word honesty in the same sentence. With that said this blog is MY blog, MY thoughts and a reflection of what I find interesting. My posts will not have a set schedule so please do not expect new content every 2 weeks.(Some posts might be added everyday) Anywho, with that said I hope everyone enjoys it. (^_^)

-- Jade
Beyond The Basement 


Recently something called AssMan caught my attention, of course I brushed it off and continued collecting my buttons lol. After a while of seeing a large amount of my followers tweeting about this my curiosity got the best of me and I went to check out the blog. Come to find out this whole AssMan obsession was created by 2 young men (that are younger than my youngest sister lol) 15 year old Jovany Perez and 19 year old Rembrandt Duran. 

AssMan is one of the many characters drawn by Mr. Duran when he was younger. It is also the mascot for his pink panties and plush pins. 

Adeen which is the whole brand behind this is very inspiring. The Blog/Magazine has some artwork to let you know creativity, fun and freedom of expression  still exists. I don't know these two young men personally but I can say I'm proud of anyone going after their dreams, doing what needs to be done and enjoying life at the same time.  




GMartin on 106 & Park

I recently seen G. Martin perform at a event my girl Liz put together and from that moment on I fell in love with him. His voice is so amazing recorded and in person. Check out his clip from 106 and Park where he performed my new favorite song "Heartbreak" (fast forward to 3:06)

Cant Get Fresh....Until You Get Dirtyyyyy

So one of my many wives Ms. Dirty Souf Yankee will be having a photo exhibit at Black Ink Gallery on October 22nd. Honestly Dirty has become one of my favorite photographers, how she can capture a artist/performer at their greatest moment impresses me. Besides the fact that coming to this event allows you to see exactly why I love her and her talent so much you also get to see NinjaSonik perform. Yup I said it... NINJASONIK!! If you heard about them before and never got to see them perform this is your chance.  (P.S. don't forget to rsvp at

Here's some of her work::: 


THE AD DIRTY SHOT FOR JESUS JUICE COATURE (which is actully up and posted around the city)



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