Saturday, October 30, 2010

Eric Sosa x Oxymorrons "Interesting Encounter"

Ohhh how much I enjoy the vibe I get from this song. I never got the chance to hear any music from Oxymorrons but so far this collaboration right here has me intrigued. So far I have given this song about 5 extra plays on youtube ( Thank Me Later lol). The back and forth thing they got going on ... it helps me envision a music video and even the fun it was to record this track. Special shout out to Mr. 5:05 (still don't know what that means lol) aka Eric Sosa who is on this track and to Danielle for tweeting it to me Yayyyy. Take a listen, get them viewing numbers up and then get on twitter to let Eric know what you think. @ericsosa


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