Wednesday, December 15, 2010

B.A.M. "The Exchange"

I got to know Tony Polo after he started creating the "We Got Bars" movement and I respected it and it's whole purpose. After a while of following him on twitter and discussions I came to learn that he is in a group called B.A.M. with the homie Colv Reese.  B.A.M.'s vibes are a little different and incorporates some jazz into their beats which I think is pretty dope. I was lucky enough to hear a few tracks from them already before the project comes out and I can say i'm pretty excited for them. Anywho this is the trailer video for the project. What they are exchanging? IDK but the video is smooth lol. Check it out *Will.I.Am voice* OH!!! and look out for their project "Made Men" in January. 

Downtown Mayhem Presents "The Exchange" from Tony Polo on Vimeo.


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