Sunday, October 24, 2010

Army Of One.. the mini story behind Beyond The Basement

Beyond The Basement was a idea I had to basically work with everything underground. I personally believe when working together you tend to get a lot more done and reach success a lot faster rather than try to take each other down to reach the top. Beyond The Basement is a brand being built around music, art and anything I personally appreciate. My first event I did was a collab with my good friend from Kidz R' Evil with performances, live artwork, and a few clothing lines representing themselves. It was such a huge success I decided to take doing events seriously. When you truly love something you should put your all into it and that's what BTB ended up being...what I love. A brand is basically a reflection of who you are and I try my best to let who I am show 24/7 no matter what anyone says or who is watching me. Anywho BTB is organized and ran by just little ol' me ^_^ but I am very open to combining ideas and working with others. I do have a showcase coming up Novemeber 2nd at Bowery Poetry Club with some amazing artists, I have a few listening parties lined up and another showcase all before this year ends. Well, I dont want this to be a huge bio because BTB just started and there is going to be soooo much more to this story before 2011 is here. Thank You to everyone who supported me since day one and never asked any questions but just rode out with me. Special thanks to all the artists who believe in me sometimes more than I believe in myself and I never had to ask twice to be apart of any crazy ideas I have. I truly am grateful and love all of you. Thank You. Here's some pics from my last 2 events with all my lovely supporters.. 


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