Wednesday, October 27, 2010

All Or Nothing..

             So BEYOND THE BASEMENT  has another event coming and this one along with the other's I have done truly represent what B.T.B. is all about. My main goal with B.T.B. is to bring everyone together, artists, fans, blogs, mags, models, designers and etc and all work towards success in a friendly way. Some of you may think i'm bugging out and i'm being unrealistic but at the end of the day attacking and pulling down one person is easier than attacking a army. I named this showcase All Or Nothing simply because if you are going to say you are a supporter of music it should mean ALL of it. Whether if it's that hardcore 80's-90's hip-hop, jazz, country, r&b, rock or whatever you should be a full supporter or don't claim to be one at all. If i'm going to showcase music i'm going to showcase all of it. Of course I couldn't find no country singers or jazz players but I did collaborate with Barrel House BKLYN on this and combined some of the artists we respect to perform for you all. 

I would like to state that B.T.B. is personally against creating shows only to put my friends on or to solely benefit myself. I am open and willing to showcase ANYONE who's heart is strongly in this and has the talent plus the vision to match their drive. I completely understand how hard it is for a artist to get booked for anything when they are not in some type of team or clique that does events. No one wants to perform at open mics their whole life. What artists are aiming for is respect and recognition and to be booked for a show with a audience who came with a open mind. I can say luckily with the last 2 events I put together all my artists left with new fans, supporters and even a few future collabs under their belt. This is exactly what I aim to bring you all, not just a showcase but a place to leave saying you gained more than what you came in their venue with. Again thank you to all of you who support B.T.B. and I hope you can all come out and witness what B.T.B. and Barrel House BKLYN put together just for you. 
If you would like me to hear your music and select you for a future show please email me all music in MP3 format in a PROFESSIONAL manner at

I ended up getting to flyers for this lol. Special thank you to Von Brown and my guys over at Barrel House BKLYN (check out their site)


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