Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Day In L.A...

So L.A. is a new female rap artist who has been getting noticed a lot lately.  1st time I heard her was on "We Got Bars" Volume 1 and I was honestly impressed. After that I heard from her again on the homie Scienze project called "The Phone Tap(e) .. (go get that if you don't have it). The solo track she did on there is actually the song for the video you are about to watch called "From L.A." which was filmed by a young gentleman who goes by Slick Jackson (Shout outs to him.. been seeing his name on a few projects also)  I'm honestly not going to give you a rundown on the video because than there is no reason to watch it right? Righhttttt. So I'm shutting up now #Peace and enjoy. 

A Day in... L.A. from slick jackson on Vimeo.


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