Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Finally!!! More Than T-Shirts!!!!

1st and foremost I just want to laugh at the title of this post lol. If anyone knows me, they know how tired I am of these graphic designers printing out t-shirts and calling themselves a fashion designer. Now if you want to say I'm taking shots than so be it but as someone who truly loves fashion I find it to be offensive. Using t-shirts to be the start-up of your line is cool but these t-shirt designers need to take a seat and let this phase die down. ANYWAY.. some of my rapper buddies put me on to RockSmith Tokyo and as usual I ignored it like I do everything else. One day my lazy butt decided to stop being stubborn and check out their things and this is what I found. 

Yes it is true ladies and dudes I found more than t-shirts, and honestly I got extra excited to actually see some pieces I wouldn't mind seeing my guys in. So thank you RST for brightening up my day... you are the illest!


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