Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My Song The Way I Sing It

                                                                                                                                (from Press Release) 


In a limited engagement, "My Song, The Way I Sing It" by virtuoso playwright Karyn Rose Bruyning will be celebrating its two year anniversary at the historical Theater 80 on St. Marks. A legendary stamp of the East Village community, Theater 80 was home to the jazz mecca known as The Jazz Gallery and the hit musical "You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown," which put the theatre on the map. This May 14th, the theater will be able to add Bruyning's work to their list of successful productions. 
"My Song, The Way I Sing It" depicts the journey of women through six different points of view. In an ensemble that includes everything from second wave feminists to wild childs and mean girls, the play not only touches on subjects of relationships, growth and maturity; but, also the influences that are behind coming into womanhood. The production features a mixture of poetry, music, and multimedia.
With a simple, stripped down set, "My Song..." is a visceral experience as the women characters grasp for clarity and reach understanding. Part memoir, part collected experiences, Bruyning interviewed a number of women to compose a melody of deeply personal truths that are almost hauntingly similar in that the lessons we learn from our mothers never change and the outcomes which those lessons produce- more often than not - mirror the mistakes they were intended to deter. However, Bruyning's characters pump the brakes on the destructive cycle and growing pains with wit, intelligence, and brutal honesty, offering an experience for audience members that is nothing short of transcendence. 

"My Song, The Way I Sing It" will be opening at Theatre 80 (80 St. Marks Place) on Saturday, May14th, 2011 with a matinĂ©e at 1:00pm and an evening show at 8:00pm. Ticket prices start at $20 general admission and $10 for students with a valid student I.D. Seating is limited.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Deadstock Launch Party

ANDDDD IT'S BACK!! The homie Deadstock Ric is throwin another event but this time it's for his online store launch party. With performances by L.A., DREMUR, DOMO BRIGGS, KAYLA BLISS, and more, an open bar, live art, and you get to shop. I don't see any reason why you wouldn't be there unless you're dead.... :-/ sooo how about you check the flyer out and save the date in your calendar. 

As everyone knows I am a MAJOR  WordSpit supporter and the people I support are awesome. So.. let it be known that Wordspit just won a slot to perform at Bamboozle which is a huge 3 day show at Giants stadium with artists such as Lil' Wanye, Wiz Kahlifa, BrunoMars, Big Sean, Big K.R.I.T., Travie McCoy, and Ninja Sonik.. Now that WS won one slot.. we want him to get all 3 days to perform and with your help, attending this event and supporting him he can get it. Please remember guys #WeTheIllest.. 

Time: Saturday, April 23 · 4:00pm - 7:00pm
Location: Gramercy Theater 127 East 23rd Street

The Break Contest Grand Finals. This decides which band with take the Main Stage at The Bamboozle 2011!

This event is *FREE* and for *ALL AGES*

**4 o'Clock sharp)**

BRING EVERYONE YOU KNOW! Let's have an amazing time and ROCK THE F*CK OUT!

Words From WordSpit:: "Im so grateful for everyone who came out and supported us throughout the duration of the contest and helped us secure a slot on the festival lineup, but this right here is for all the marbles and the MAIN STAGE SPOT so let's take it home!"

Here's one of my favorite videos of him performing. So amazing. After this you have no choice but to support. 

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Jordan Ware - My fav violinist

I first met Jordan after a WordSpit show and I was very impressed. After becoming cool Jordan started tweeting me some of his cover songs he done and each one of them I love.. Here are a few them I love. Want to follow him? Follow him at @HeisJordanWare :-) 

"Look At Me Now" Rich Lowe, Live Wire, Wordspit

This is a new track from Rich Lowe, Live Wire, and WordSpit that I very much enjoy and I think you guys would as well. Once I got this song in my email I was very excited because I actually enjoy each one of the guys on this track as an artist individually. This isn't the officially video for the song (which will be out soon) but it is something nice to stare at as you listen to the song.  

"All Of Dave's Lights"

If anyone knows me they know how much I love my friends, all my friends are talented and they all inspire me in some way. Coming back from my blogging hiatus I have a treat for you guys. As I'm sure most you guys can agree the Kanye West "All of the lights" video was borderline depressing. To have such a great album I would have figured the videos would meet the level of creativity Kanye displayed on the album. Of course I learned assuming does nothing for me (thanks Kanye). Well one day after a amazing Wordspit performance in Long Island my friend David decided he wants to rap "All of the lights" and my buddy Potential decided to film it. As I shorten up this story a little bit. It went from one day of random recording of singing Kanye music to a few days of making a actual video. I can say I love this video more than Kanye's. Much love to everybody in the video.. you guys just proved that my statement "My Friends Are Cooler Than Yours" is true.. ENJOY EVERYONE!!!! 

F.Y.I. - Video directed by David J. Hamilton and Potential 
                Filmed and Edited by Potential 

Also on @ThroatchopU's Tumblr

Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Latest Gossyp

Here is some music from a female duo named Gossyp. I heard about them a few times but never had the opportunity to hear their music. I actually enjoy that they are very much pop music. Very refreshing to my R&B/ Hip Hop 25/7 listening ears. My fav song from the 3 that was sent to me is the "Gossyp on ya lips" track. I hope to hear more music from them soon.. and maybe be apart of one of my upcoming shows (hint hint) lol.  Much love to Chris from Co-Star Entertainement for sending  me their music. :-) Enjoy everyone. 

Dj G Money feat Gossyp - Ya know dis by beyondthebasement

G on ya lips v master

01 Spoyl'd (master) by beyondthebasement

REPOST!! Liz Interviews David J. Hamilton

My lovely friend Liz aka @Emaphotography has been doing interviews on some of her fav artist managers lately and of course I had to repost this one. Not just because David is my friend but because I actually see for myself how great, how passionate and how serious he is at what he does. After reading this interview I immediately felt that a lot of my friends and readers should read this. I hope everyone who reads this takes something from it and apply it what they do. 
David is best known for being the manager of WordSpit but after reading this interview you will learn a lot more about him. Hopefully when I do my interview with him you will learn even more. Much love to my girl Liz for allowing me to repost her great interview. Check out her amazing blog/site Nobody Beats The Liz. Also my girl Liz is great with the camera so if you need a shoot done hit her up (and tell her Jade sent you!!)

Last month, I did a multi-part series entitled “Indie Manager Spotlight” in which I interviewed several people on the indie scene who are doing some awesome work and were willing to share some insight on their experiences. Well, to start this new year off, I give to you the last of this series, featuring David Hamilton, who manages Brooklyn MC WordSpit and was part of the US management team for Estelle. Enjoy!
What made you decide to get into artist management, and why did you choose the artist(s) you work with?
I’ve always been a bit of a “manager”, LOL ;-) . My whole life actually…just ask my mom.  After returning from Iraq, and moving to New York from Delaware, I began pursuing a career in music entertainment. I worked a few retail jobs, internships at Sony Music Studios & with John Legend in October of the same year while attending school at the same time. I became an official employee of John Legend’s HomeSchool Records in Sept of 07 as well as the exc. assistant to Estelle’s US management. Estelle is very hands-on in her vision and I have and will always applaud her ability to fight for what she believes in.  In the summer of 2008 I went to work with the Obama for America campaign. Over that summer, although only an occasional associate at the time, WordSpit began sending me music for feedback. After the election, he and I began discussing working together and it led to the idea of management.  An Underground Music Award, a national McDonald’s campaign, performances across the country, a band, thousands of album downloads and 2 years later… I’m a manager.                                                                                                               .
What are the pros & cons of managing an independent artist?
Pros: Keyword- independent! We were able to try some unconventional things and only had to answer to ourselves. I also think as an independent artist you are a bit of an underdog. People like to cheer for the underdog. They get just as or even more excited when you get small wins. There is a rush that come along with “winning” in spite of a low budget, or network connection, or a major co-sign.
Cons: NO MONEY!! LOL! In order to do anything in this world, you need a little something to make moves. Flights, buses, band, clothes, CDs, food, etc… ACCESS. Being independent means you have to figure out where the doors are, which ones aren’t traps, who has the keys, and who’s willing to let you in whether it be an event, a club, or an office. But with will and talent, we all can turn pennies into dollars and with tact & skill…kick in any door we want.  I have!
What, in your opinion, does it take to be a great manager?
Being crazy. Completely and utterly insane. No, in my opinion, the greatest skill to have is the ability to COMMUNICATE. You have to know how to talk, when to talk, who should talk to, and what to talk about. Everyone isn’t your homie but you can’t be an inaccessible dick either.
PLAN. If you don’t know where you intend to go or how YOU plan to get there…then what are you doing? You have to set goals and realistic means to achieve them. Always reassess your plan to make sure you are on track or if you need to adjust your shot group.
COMMON SENSE. Please bring it to the table. Be willing to try new things and take daring approaches, but use logic to assess the risk and returns.
Can you share some memorable experiences from your journeys with your artist(s)?
For Estelle, it was great being able to celebrate her first Grammy. To know I helped play my part as a team member is something I will never forget. (Catch me in her “American Boy” video…they saw me and were like “That’s a win!” LOL) My two years with WordSpit have some of the greatest memories and growth in my life. From house parties, to road trips, to near fist-to-cuff fights.  I will never forget the day I told this guy he was going to be in a national commercial. “Is this shit real!?” And the day he won his UMA… “East New Yooooork!” Thought that guy was going to cry on stage, LOL! Now go get that Grammy, guy.
David Hamilton & Estelle during Grammy Week
(photo courtesy of David Hamilton)
David with his mother and WordSpit at a celebratory dinner for WordSpit’s UMA win
If there was one thing you could change about your experience as a manager, what would it be?
Hmmmmm….I wish I had more money and time because there have been so many blossoming artist that I would love to have helped. Other than that, I count every win and loss as experience. By the way….I have an iPad.

Quantum Ark Interview

I first got familiar with Quantum Ark clothing around the time I was putting together my first event "The AMC Convention" after following Lucky on twitter for a while & minor discussions here and there he showed me how mature he is and that he is truly focused on what he is doing. I honestly love people who don't mind not being everywhere because they rather be behind the scenes and get the work done. Here is a interview I did with him. Hopefully you will see what I see in him. 

1. First and Foremost introduce yourself and what Quantum Ark is to the readers.

Whats up ya'll? My name is Lucky, & Quantum Ark is my clothing line... 

2. Quantum Arks logo is a lightbulb with a very smirk expression on his face. Why did you choose that?

Well when I was drawing up logos for the QA, I was trying to think of a good idea, & I was actually watching a cartoon show & he thought of something & a lightbulb popped on top of his as I was watching that, I took that idea, and gave it a face. Basically turned it into a it symbolizes a good idea. 

3. I see that Quantum Ark has even designed for recording artists and other lines, can you tell everyone who they were and how did the opportunity come about?

Well at the end of the day, Im an artist, I been drawing since 10, so many people will need things drawn, or certain things designed & will help them out. (He didn't mention it but he designed some tee's for Salt and Pepa to perform in last year)

4. Is there anyone who exists right now that you would love to see Quantum Ark clothing on?

Yea of course, Kanye West,Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Pharrell & many more but these are my top 5 you can say.

5. Well, I'm Jade and I usually know just about everything (lol) one thing I do know is that you (Lucky) also do music. Can you tell the readers what exactly it is that you do and the background behind that happening?

Yeah I produce music & I can actually rap. I was making beats for artist, Kyah Baby actually who's actually signed to Dj Self's record label, I worked with her many times...but since I started designing its kind of in the background...but I have songs I havent put them out yet, but I still work on it. 

6. You are still young, if I'm not mistaken you are still under 21. At what age did you decide to get into fashion and why?

It was pretty recent, im 19 now, Quantum Ark came about around the time I was 17 years old...& what really made me get into it was, I was always a fashion head, I love to shop, & wear what I actually like to wear, not caring what most people may think about it..because fashion is actually what you make it, there isnt a definition for it, well atleast in my eyes..

7. You are about release a season of all female clothing for Quantum Ark clothing soon, any hints on what's coming? just want everyone to (JERK LOL)  

8. How do you feel about the other brands coming up? If you have any advice to give them what would you tell them?

I havent been paying attention to any other brands, I dont want to be distracted by any of that, I just do me, & if its meant to bump heads with another brand than yeah ofcourse, i'll give my ideas on things.. 

9. Where do you see Quantum Ark Clothing in 3 years? ( saying 5 years would have been to typical.. Had to switch it up lol)

Main stream...hopefully overseas on a runway..I believe my female collection will take it there....I have plenty good ideas for females

Laure Luxe: More Than Metal

I am honored to say I got to interview one of the coolest and most creative brands in the fashion industry right now. Laure Luxe won me over a year ago with her stylist earrings and ever since then she has been able to top her designs one by one. I was also lucky enough to go to her fashion show last fashion week (thanks to Ms.LadyBlogga for the hookup lol) and I was in awe the whole time. of course I will say right now my fav pieces are the 2 men pieces which are a bowtie and a regular tie (of course they really arent your typical ties) I really hope you guys enjoy this interview as much as I enjoyed doing it. Also check out her site and her pieces and buy some>> Laure Luxe

1. When everyday, 9-5 working people hear fashion the last thing they are thinking is wearable metal pieces. What inspired you to go such a different route with fashion?
I studied traditional apparel design at Pratt Institute. I really had a love for accessories. So instead of switching my major I decided to make wearable metal accessories. 

2. The LaureLuxe brand is apart of the "Go Green Gang", when I say that I mean you're being Eco-Friendly and designing with recycled aluminum.  What made you decide to help save the world one earring at a time?One of my classes on college was "Wearable Art". One of the assignments was to make a garment that costs nothing. So my dad sent me scraps of metal from his lighting company. I fell in love with rawness and shapes of the reusable material and built from there.
3. I remember when LaureLuxe had earrings, bracelets and a few body pieces. It has grown to be such a huge success right in front of a lot of people eyes. Outside of talent and your creativity what else has contributed to your success?
I believe my product speaks for itself (anyone who has a product should stand by it wholeheartedly). I always showcase it in a professional way, whether its through social networking or a fashion show. Also, the support of my team and my fashionistas plays a huge part!  

4. You went to school for fashion and take it very seriously, how do you feel about the up and coming brands who decided to do fashion with no knowledge really of it besides how to screen print? Is there any advice you would like to give them?
GO TO SCHOOL! You learn the different aspects of fashion basically so you can have the knowledge to tell other people what to do!(lol) This is also where you can really find where your niche is in fashion. Also get work experience and intern. You learn what to do, and what NOT to do in this industry.  

5. The Laure Luxe pieces are created and inspired by Brooklyn and the urban art scene. Name me your top 3 favorite pieces and why.
Well, my earrings are named after Brooklyn Streets. So I will go with my Top Earrings. My favorite is the Brooklyn Super Swag Earrings because they are the chains that connect ear to ear so you have an earring and necklace in one. Next, is the South Portland Earring of cascading metal "hooks". These are awesome because they almost look like weapons--- Edgy and bad-ass. Next would be my Taaffe earrings because they were the first LaureLuxe Earrings I made--- where it all started. 

6. Who was the first celebrity to wear one of your pieces? How did you feel seeing them wear it?
My first celebrity was Mila Jovovich in Harpers Bazaar. To have such a beautiful dope actress wear it and in such an amazing iconic fashion magazine was a crazy humbling experience. I felt so honored to have made it that far so fast.  

7. You are a New York native and said earlier this is your source of inspiration.  I could imagine how your pieces would look if you were inspired by the world. Have you considered traveling for more inspiration?
Of course. But I need to take over New York first. (lol) 

8. Twitter has made it a lot easier from developing brands to promote and get our attention. Are there any brands that have crossed your timeline that has caught your eye? Why?
Not really. I try to not pay attention to other peoples brands. I like to stay in my own world as to not lose focus. 

9. The LaureLuxe brand is more than fashion  but others are not aware. Please tell everyone else what the Laurel Luxe brand does at PNC Radio.
I am the host of my radio show "The Luxe Hour" Fridays from noon-1. The show covers different topics on fashion, beauty, and art. I have a different guest every week that I interview to give the listeners and insiders view on the industry. Its pretty dope :) 

10. Well, this is the end of this interview (enter sad face).
:( that it is over. but :) because it was a good interview!!

If there were any questions I did not ask you or anyone who interviewed you before  didn't ask you but you REALLY wish it was, What would the question be and what would be your answer?
no I think u did a great job! thank u 

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