Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Latest Gossyp

Here is some music from a female duo named Gossyp. I heard about them a few times but never had the opportunity to hear their music. I actually enjoy that they are very much pop music. Very refreshing to my R&B/ Hip Hop 25/7 listening ears. My fav song from the 3 that was sent to me is the "Gossyp on ya lips" track. I hope to hear more music from them soon.. and maybe be apart of one of my upcoming shows (hint hint) lol.  Much love to Chris from Co-Star Entertainement for sending  me their music. :-) Enjoy everyone. 

Dj G Money feat Gossyp - Ya know dis by beyondthebasement

G on ya lips v master

01 Spoyl'd (master) by beyondthebasement


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