Saturday, January 15, 2011

Quantum Ark Interview

I first got familiar with Quantum Ark clothing around the time I was putting together my first event "The AMC Convention" after following Lucky on twitter for a while & minor discussions here and there he showed me how mature he is and that he is truly focused on what he is doing. I honestly love people who don't mind not being everywhere because they rather be behind the scenes and get the work done. Here is a interview I did with him. Hopefully you will see what I see in him. 

1. First and Foremost introduce yourself and what Quantum Ark is to the readers.

Whats up ya'll? My name is Lucky, & Quantum Ark is my clothing line... 

2. Quantum Arks logo is a lightbulb with a very smirk expression on his face. Why did you choose that?

Well when I was drawing up logos for the QA, I was trying to think of a good idea, & I was actually watching a cartoon show & he thought of something & a lightbulb popped on top of his as I was watching that, I took that idea, and gave it a face. Basically turned it into a it symbolizes a good idea. 

3. I see that Quantum Ark has even designed for recording artists and other lines, can you tell everyone who they were and how did the opportunity come about?

Well at the end of the day, Im an artist, I been drawing since 10, so many people will need things drawn, or certain things designed & will help them out. (He didn't mention it but he designed some tee's for Salt and Pepa to perform in last year)

4. Is there anyone who exists right now that you would love to see Quantum Ark clothing on?

Yea of course, Kanye West,Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Pharrell & many more but these are my top 5 you can say.

5. Well, I'm Jade and I usually know just about everything (lol) one thing I do know is that you (Lucky) also do music. Can you tell the readers what exactly it is that you do and the background behind that happening?

Yeah I produce music & I can actually rap. I was making beats for artist, Kyah Baby actually who's actually signed to Dj Self's record label, I worked with her many times...but since I started designing its kind of in the background...but I have songs I havent put them out yet, but I still work on it. 

6. You are still young, if I'm not mistaken you are still under 21. At what age did you decide to get into fashion and why?

It was pretty recent, im 19 now, Quantum Ark came about around the time I was 17 years old...& what really made me get into it was, I was always a fashion head, I love to shop, & wear what I actually like to wear, not caring what most people may think about it..because fashion is actually what you make it, there isnt a definition for it, well atleast in my eyes..

7. You are about release a season of all female clothing for Quantum Ark clothing soon, any hints on what's coming? just want everyone to (JERK LOL)  

8. How do you feel about the other brands coming up? If you have any advice to give them what would you tell them?

I havent been paying attention to any other brands, I dont want to be distracted by any of that, I just do me, & if its meant to bump heads with another brand than yeah ofcourse, i'll give my ideas on things.. 

9. Where do you see Quantum Ark Clothing in 3 years? ( saying 5 years would have been to typical.. Had to switch it up lol)

Main stream...hopefully overseas on a runway..I believe my female collection will take it there....I have plenty good ideas for females


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