Monday, October 11, 2010

ERARE Clothing NYC

Remember in school the teachers told you it can cost up to millions of dollars to get your commercial on television? Yea? Well lately a lot of people in the underground scene have taken it upon themselves to use that powerful form of promotion and combine it with this addicting thing we call the internet. For example, what I'm presenting to you today is a commercial for the rising clothing line called "Erare"(By my buddy @King_Abs ). Well technically it's Rare Era and of course if you're not slow you can see the word Era inside of Rare and you can see why it's written like that. Confusing? A little bit lol. Anyway the video is basically a compilation of shots with people (Also called "The Faculty") rocking the Erare clothing. Background music by STiLL iLL by Justhink of iLLAmericaRcrds and the whole commercial shot by @MookieX 


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