Wednesday, October 20, 2010

By Any Means: B.A.M Music $$ : Gone Take a Picture

1st and foremost I would like to say I wanted to blog about this song before I even had a blogspot lol. I got this song sent to me maybe 2 months ago and at 1st it wasn't my fav but as I played it over and over I started enjoying it. My mind is never closed to different types of music so I didn't mind hearing something I wouldn't normally put on my ipod. Honestly when your running around the underground scene and attending different shows you might end up getting stuck with the mind frame of what hip-hop or what rap in general is suppose to sound like. This song is by this rap group called B.A.M. and although I personally think the lyrical content could be stronger I still enjoy the song for what it is. Just to mention B.A.M. will be performing at my music showcase on Nov. 2nd so if you like this song you should def come through. (flier will be up soon). Enjoy!! Oh yea... mini shoutout to Tony Polo and his blog from which I stole this from lol.

By Any Means: B.A.M Music $$ : Gone Take a Picture: "Gone Take a Picture by
Gone Take a Picture by ByAnyMeansmokerMusic


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