Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Who's That Chick?

Ok so it's about 1:16a.m. and I'm bored out my mind.. what does any other loser do? Yup, check out World Star Hip Hop lol. I been hearing about this Rihanna video for like a day and even though I don't like her as much as I used to I can't deny I enjoy her style. Anywho this is the video for her "Who's That Chick" track off her new album. Between this song and the "Only Girl In The World" track I see she's going for a lighter happier vibe. Kind of reminds me of her 16/17 year old "S.O.S." singing days. Of course she just wasn't going to drop her demonic looking ways so quickly lol. This video has a split screen showing the child like colorful party vibes and than you have her "post chris brown" side of the video all dark and creepy (even when she smiling). So let me stop typing and allow ya'll to watch this. PEACE.


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