Friday, December 24, 2010


Here is a event from my friend Mr.Deadstock Ric himself..It's going to be a great night dedicated to a brand working hard towards its goals, live music, paintings, give aways and a open bar (I bet you're interested now huh? lol) I hope everyone can make it out and help raise some money to help a brand that has been helping you with all your retail needs. 

Here's a little bit more info from the brand itself::
Good day to all my fellow brands. Today we are announcing our next event to be held in Brooklyn NYC. Our brand (Deadstock Kicks) has been the spotlight for the place to get your hands on vintage sneakers on social networks for the past 4 years. Within those years, we have thrown some amazing events in the NYC area. We have used CLUB TOUCH as our main venue for sneaker events, where people of all
ages have come out to support us as well the brands that were involved. We were also the 1stto ever have a sneaker event on a boat. We have done a lot to separate ourselves from other brands to make US one of a kind.
With that all being said, we have come to the conclusion that its time for us to own our own store. It’s been a great ride with social media. We have gained so many followers that a number cannot even put on it. We have some of the greatest and loyal customers to date. Some of them don’t even buy their sneakers from anyone else but us.

On January 8th, 2011 we will be throwing our 1st ever loft fundraiser. We rented out a space for people to come and party with us. Of course, with a little twist involved. It will be a free event to all, but we do ask those in attendance to make a donation. We will have table set ups where brands can sell and showcase their product. For entertainment, live music through out the whole affair from up and coming recording artist as well. For our 21 and over crowd, we have POOL VODKA supplying an open bar for the entire event. And, that’s just a little sum up of what will be taking place.


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