Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Cocoa Sarai Covers "Grenade"

First of all... everyone welcome me back to the blogging world!! *applause*. lol. Now that i'm back I have some MAJOR catching up to do and i'ma start off with my homegirl, the ohhh so talented, creative, one of he most realest people I come to know.... COCOA SARAI. I first met Cocoa at WordSpit's "Rise Of The Illest" video release party and from there I went on to fall in love with her project "1/2 past 7" which is BANANAS. (shoutout to Rick Hertz who did most of the production). Today i'm presenting to you her cover of one of my favorite songs "Grenade" from Bruno Mars. This song alone has sooo much passion and you can feel how much he really loved this woman. Cocoa delivers the same amount of passion, her voice just does this track so much justice. ENJOY!! P.S. FOLLOW HER HERE >> Cocoa CHECK OUT HER SITE!! >> "Everybody Loves Cocoa"


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