Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Evening in Illinois

Tonight was a amazing night and of course I was surrounded by nothing but talent. Today I took a trip to Illinois. Tonight was the night The Boy Illinois showed New York why he is so dope. FIRST OFF shout out to him for performing one of my fav songs off Inhale Part 3 called "Red I" (which I posted on the blog a few days ago). Allowing the crowd to hear his songs "Living Like i'm 20, his single "Join A Frat", "Cardigan Sweater" and few others. As I watched the crowd I seen people nod their heads, some rapping along with the music and even someone said he was better than Wiz Khalifa. It's great to see talent get love no matter where they are from. People who appreciate good music will recognize it and respect it. With that said, Thank You The Boy Illinois for coming out here and introducing the NY people to what you have to offer. AGAIN if you do not have his mixtapes download them at www.theboyillinois.com 


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