Friday, December 24, 2010

The Model: Viva La Pinky

I have heard about Miss Viva La Pinky for a while now and seen her name all over my timeline lol. It was clear she has a lot of fans/supporters that believe in her. I first seen her work in RSNY Mag where they did a post on her and I was impressed. I have seen the "look over the shoulder and show your ass" pose for a while now so it was very refreshing to see some actual modeling of clothing, products and just a photo with a story. I really do hope you guys get to see the woman behind the photos, behind the flyers of all the events she host and behind the infamous hairstyle she is also easily recognized for. 

1. Your name is Francelesia Millen but everyone knows you as Pinky or VivaLaPinky from Twitter. Can you teach everyone how to pronounce your name and tell them a little about yourself?
My name is pronounced FRAN-CE-LES-LE-AHH ! I'm a personality model. I'm not just a typical model . I have a face , a name , a ego and an alter ego. Most of my work is based in Japan but I am a local celebrity in the states ! haha 

2. When a lot of people think modeling now they see body figures with numbers like 34-22-2,739 (LOL). How do you feel about what people consider modeling now?
Modeling has come a long way. When models were paper thin it was in but that was quite some time ago. Naturally of course we want the skinny model as opposed to the more full figured model but I think the modeling world is more accepting of body meat. I've seen some booty on most of these high fashion models! lol

3. Acting is a major part of modeling, especially when it comes to photoshoots with a storyline. What would be your dream photoshoot? Is there any type of character you would like to portray as you model the accessories or clothing?
my dream photoshoot would be me transformed into an animal ! id prefer to be a leopard or tiger shot in various parts of the world. there are so many ideas running through my head about that shoot that i cant put it down right now. but yea .. that's the main idea.

4. From the shoots I have seen you in, you seem to connect with a lot of Japanese clothing. Have you ever considered going to Japan and modeling out there?
My ultimate goal is to live in Japan and have them use me as their muse. everything about their culture and their art makes me fall in love with them more and more everyday. I'm currently working on a project that may just be my ticket !my fingers are crossed 

5. None of us simple folks know what goes on behind the curtains of a runway show. How do you feel as everyone is prepping you to walk in front of so many people? How do you mentally prepare yourself for a show?

its always complete chaos behind the curtains of a fashionshow.  after doing so many shows Ive learned the key to keeping yourself sane is engaging yourself in your own thoughts. it doesn't have to be adventurous thoughts or extremely eventful daydreams. just normal everyday thoughts. usually I'm thinking about the food I'm going to eat after i walk that runway ! i get lost in memories of this insane party i went to the other night or something crazy my bestfriend did at a high class event we were at ! Just always keep something on my mind that makes me laugh.

6. When it comes to fashion sometimes all it takes is one small moment to inspire us to want to be apart of that whole industry. What was your moment that inspired you to model?
That one moment that inspired me to model was when I looked in the mirror one day and finally admitted to myself that i was art ... my features were art ...and not ugly. Like I had been called for so many of my younger years. I decided I wanted to share this art with the world while" playing dress up " in front of a cameraman who wouldn't judge me and placed in print for the world to ooo and aahhh over.

7. Outside of a face, slim and tall figure what do you think is most needed to become a successful model
Want to be a successful model? Model from within, become what you model. Love the skin you are in and show that to the world. People will feel you, they will grasp the message you are trying to get across. 

8. Models are stereotyped to be unintelligent, materialistic, egotistical females. When people meet you what are their first reactions?
Give me the top 3 words from people who have met you would say you are.

When people first see me their initial reaction is to stare then when they finally meet me and get a piece of who I am they always say " omg I didn't know you were this cool I always thought u were stuck up ! you are so down to earth!" three words humble , fun , intelligent.

9. A lot of the already established models are begun to branch out in other feilds such as media, acting and even starting non-profit organizations to help others. As time pass is there anything else you consider doing?
I'm going into fashion marketing and management. I'll be dealing with international affairs in relation to fashion. I've already started on my side projects, not waiting until I blow! They are kept under wraps for now though just stay involved with me. 
10. Still being so young and knowing there is still so much you can do, what are some of the goals you set before you turn 25?
Before I turn 25 i will have lived the life of 79 year old woman .

11. A lot of people now pursuing careers have a lot more support from their friends than family these days.  Can you say the same? How do your friends and family support you with your career choices.
My parents support whats right. They want me to go about my career in a more stabilized , professional and beneficial  way. Can you blame them for not always agreeing with a lot of choices ? I  sure can't. my friends are there a lot more because I'm always with them. we have a common ground that we share and that's why the impression is given off that they support me more than my parents. I honestly feel as if its all support, just on different levels and derived from different elements. Either way the support is appreciated and I love everyone who stands behind me.

Any last words for the readers who haven't heard about you until today?

Last words for my readers "smile"


Unknown said...

I Really like pinky's hustle & mentality ... seems like she's gonna get really far in the fashion industry =)

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